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Hello Dear Supplier I am looking 2 ea of Marine fire fighting monitor, conection 4" flange (4 holes), brass. (heart form monitor) Please see photo *** We need quotation with shipping price to Housto...
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hi, would please share your catalog along side the prices for Saudi Arabia, required quantity 2 40ft containers monthly. please share it at
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Dear Sirs, we are interesting the wheelchair for kids and export to Russia marketing, please find *** file that is the foto. pls let us know whether you can produce them and reply to my
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相关万博官网APP: 手动轮椅; Manual Wheelchair;
Hi dear! Do you have Composite insulators? If yes, please can I have the quotation with CIF Harare? Can you do it? 88kv composite insulators x 1500 132kv composite insulators x 1500 330kv composite...
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相关万博官网APP: 绝缘子; composite insulators;
Hello Lily, I want to personalize the buttonholes with the name of, AND, IF POSSIBLE, THE LOGO OF THE COMPANY. THANK YOU I WAIT FOR YOUR ANSWER. Do Permites customization? How much time takes the free...
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相关万博官网APP: 金属孔眼; Metal Eyelets;
What is lead time for your Umbrella with clamp, contact us on email below contact email
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相关万博官网APP: 雨伞夹; Umbrella with clamp;
Hello, I need to purchase rotary secrew feeder system.Could you please to contact me to my email thank you
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相关万博官网APP: 给料机; feeder;
[US] [1179800] [有图]美国新万博体育英超五金(hardware) (09-30)
we are looking for glock parts kits in bulk
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相关万博官网APP: 五金; hardware;
Hi, I was wanting to know if I could order 500 of these customized with the logo ***. Can I order only 150 White, 150 Blue and 200 Black?Please advise, thank you.
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相关万博官网APP: 磁性电缆硅胶夹; Magnetic cable silicone clip;
Hello Friend!Please advise detailed pricing for 1000 pcs of PINK measuring tape with logo. Logo is ***. White tape, pink lettering, measurements in inches and cm.Also advise shipping costs for 1000 be...
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相关万博官网APP: 卷尺; measuring tape Keychain;
Hello, my name is Christian, from Guadalajara Mexico, I would like to order 500 pieces, I have a travel agency, so this may be useful for my clients, then I would like you to put my logo printed, is t...
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相关万博官网APP: 旅行行李吊秤; travel luggage hanging scale;
I have inquiry of Hyundai Engineering ProposalINDONESIA CAP 2nd Petrochemical Complex, PKG B1 Kitamura Valve Mfg. Co., Ltd CASTING VALVE. If you can make a quotation of these, We will send you specif...
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相关万博官网APP: 铸造阀门; casting valve;
Hi, I am looking for OMEGA COUPLING E10 - Complete sets - 100 sets. Please send me the INVOCE ( Fob price, weight, dimensions of the boxes, HS CODE and specs.Thanks
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相关万博官网APP: 空气压缩机;
Howdy, we need buy 5000 und the measure 48.00 cm with the width 1.4 cm By favor since what we will adapatar a modulo de plastico But we need that the pusher into plastic Recycled or a material economi...
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相关万博官网APP: 食品饮料架; Beverage Organizer;
hello im intersted in your product but incoterm FOB China can you help me please give your email or write
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相关万博官网APP: 比萨面团球机; Pizza dough ball machine;
Dear Sir. This is,Owner of Sourcing Factory Inc. from Korea. One of my customer now finding *** reliable supplier. Item: Bottle cap pump cap Quantity: Factory MOQ Size: Same as picture Color: Bl...
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相关万博官网APP: 盖子; 瓶盖; Bottle cap; pump cap;
hello I am interested in learning more about the bumper tooling and what equipment is needed . I would like to manufacture bumpers in the USA. my email is above just at the at symbol.
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相关万博官网APP: 保险杠模具; bumper tooling;
Hi. Could you provide a quote of 100 stainless steel drums (food grade) 55gal (200l.)Please include delivery to Houston,Texas (USA) Port. Thank you
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相关万博官网APP: 不锈钢桶; stainless steel drums;
Hello Sally YangMy name is Marcos and I resell another type of goods from China, now I'm preparing new order for my seller and I'd like to put this lathe together my order.For this I need:Proform Invo...
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相关万博官网APP: 手动车床; Metal Lathe Machine;
Hello Sirs, We are importers and wholesalers of Industrial Equipment in Jamaica. We are interested in your Cooking and Refrigeration Equipment and Stainless Steel Furniture for wholesale distribution...
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相关万博官网APP: 厨房设备; Kitchen Equipment;
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